Avoid These Common Deal-Killing Mistakes And You Can Quickly MULTIPLY Your Real Estate Profits!

Don’t you wish someone could tell you all the mistakes you need to avoid before you actually make them?

I recently sat down with my former coaching student, and now Head Coach of SREC, Kyle Garifo, to reflect on some of the mistakes and challenges that we faced investing in real estate and flipping investment properties.

We started discussing the good, the bad and the REALLY ugly things and compiled this list of 10 big mistakes real estate investors make that can kill profits.

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How To Buy Houses For $1 (REAL Case Study)

For years, Teddy Slack cleaned up environmental waste for a living.

Then he found Strategic Real Estate Coach...and went on to acquire and flip 21 houses... since January!

The crazy thing is, Teddy regularly makes $50k - 100K+ on EACH deal...

This could easily be you.

Watch the video now then apply for coaching. There is no cost or obligation.

From Helping The Homeless... To Flipping HIGH-PROFIT Houses!

Mark Carmona spent 27 years working in the non-profit sector.

Then... he decided to get involved in real estate investing.

And within 1.5 years of working with us here at Strategic Real Estate Coach... Mark generated SEVENTEEN high-profit flips!

In this interview with Mark, we dive into some of the "SECRET INGREDIENTS" to his rapid success.

Watch the video now, then apply for coaching. There is no cost or obligation.


Let Me Walk You Through A Real $40K Profit Fix ‘n Flip!

There’s no doubt about it: fix n’ flips are some of the MOST profitable deals in all of real estate.

But… not many aspiring investors get the chance to see what one of these deals actually LOOK like. And I want to change that TODAY!

In this video, I’ll walk you through 16004 Briarwood Drive… and show you EXACTLY what it took to turn a beat-up looking property into a true $40,000.00 NET Profit PAYDAY!

This way… you’ll get to see HOW these deals are done… because the truth is, fix n’ flips aren’t NEARLY as scary as you may think!



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