Join me and walk through one of our latest projects, 355 Elyria Street in Lodi, Ohio – it’s another house we’re flipping based on our $40k Flips/Freedom Funding model. Let’s run through the numbers…
$63,000 – Purchase Price
$62,000 – Rehab Budget
$125,000 -Total Investment
Out of our $62,000 budget, $15k is going into a new pole building being built next to the house and $5k is going into the exterior and landscape. With $43k left, where do we spend the rest of that rehab budget? I’ll show you…

6 Reasons We Get Private Money Upfront

Recently I was back at 6911 Bear Swamp Road in Medina, Ohio discussing why we get all our private money upfront so that we don’t have to worry about holding costs and carrying costs. Here’s an overview on the numbers of this deal…
$92,000 – Purchase Price
$155,000 – Private Money Upfront
$1300,000 – ARV
If you remember from a previous training, this is the “Bricks and Sticks” house – we were selling off a piece of the land and splitting the land with the neighbors. We finally closed in August 2016 and since it was all “bricks and sticks”, we had almost no demo to do inside.
I’ll walk you through our open concept ideas and share my 6 reasons for getting our private money upfront, watch it now…
See you there…

Be Daring,


  • “Just surrounding yourself with people that are successful and listening to people that have been through the proverbial mine huge in getting your business to where you want it to be. If you're serious about growing a real estate business I just cant emphasize enough the importance 1 on 1 accountability and the coaching.”
    RJ Nusz, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “When we first got started our margins were not so great... our margins have doubled and tripled. We've got 25 properties under construction right now and I think most of them are all grand slams. By the end of the year we're going to break records.”
    Darren & Kate Mancuso
  • “One of the biggest things has been not just specific to real estate, but just as a business in general. How to operate, run, delegate... how to identify the best and highest use of your time and concentrate on that.”
    Jack Petrick, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “You either try to do it on your own, or you get professional help. Somebody who's going to coach you; mentor you. Do you want this to take 10 years or 1 year? I just chose the path that I knew would get me to success quicker and with less risk.”
    Darren Mancuso, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “Anyone getting into this business... the best thing to do is get educated on it. Any questions that you have you can ask the coach, other masterminds, and they're going to give you the answer right away so that youre not making mistakes.”
    Chrissy Morrison, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “Any time that you can take the shortcut around a lot of mistakes to just amplify your sucusssess and results, the more money you're going to make.”
    Jack Petrick, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “I've closed over $4 million in real estate. It wasnt until I got coaching that they were able to connect the dots for me... and today I'm in the process of completing 10 to 12 real estate deals that will allow me to make more money in six months than I would in 3 years.”
    Michael Johnston, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “I'm a [Josh Cantwell Coaching] student... I've already closed four deals since I started the year, have two more on the books, and each one has a profit over $45,000!”
    Mike Cantrell, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “I was introduced to Josh Cantwell and his sytem of how to rehab and resell properties.. it was an amazing experience. It's facts, it's data, it's information. It's how to do this business from the ground up.”
    Mark Carmona, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member
  • “I signed up back in February 2016... which gave me the courage to purchase 21 houses! There's nobody else out there that's giving the content that these guys give you. This is THE program. If you want a mentor you need to sign up. I would sign up 10 times over again.”
    Teddy Slack, Josh Cantwell Coaching Member


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