There’s a way to present a private investor with an irresistible offer that they will be begging to fund.

I’ve been doing it for years.

It’s all about giving them the best option for their money.

In this video we are going to talk about private money for your investment properties and what you need to do in order to get the funding handed over to you.


  • Not a bank loan

  • Not a Hard Money Loan

  • Not Your Money

  • Not from an Institution


Its money from an individual who has some capital and thought it was a much better use of their money to give it to you for your deals than to invest it in to the stock market.

This is what you do to Get the Funding Handed Over to you: The deal does the talking for you.

We pay our private money partners 12% interest on their money, or 15% of our profits, whichever is greater.

We paid $92,000 for Bear Swamp and we knew that the After Repair Value was $299,900.  When you have an over $200,000 profit spread between what you paid and what its worth, investors will want a part of the deal.

So why would private money partners give money to real estate investors to do deals? Because the investment alternatives all suck, and the returns are far better and more predictable in real estate.



  • CD Rates = 1% to 1.5% Return on Investment

  • Annuity & Bond Rates = 2% to 4% ROI

  • S&P 500: Last 10 Years = 7% to 8% Avg ROI


So if you were a private investor, would you want to do option A and invest in a market with significant volatility, no control or real understanding of investments, or would you want to option B and invest in something physical with fixed, predictable returns and control over investments that you can see and feel and touch?

Well, the wealthy do option B.

Find a deal that does the talking for you and let potential investors know the benefits of investing in real estate over traditional markets and you will have no problem securing private money for your investment properties.

If you’d like to learn how to get private capital and more strategic training on how to do deals like bear swamp, you can download our free guide “5 Steps to Making Real Estate Investing Your Side Hustle.”

You will not only learn how to invest in real estate part-time but you’ll also learn how to get the capital like we did on this property.

Be Daring,


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