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I can talk all day about how wonderful the Strategic Real Estate Coaching program is.

I can tell you about the incredible value of the tools, systems, and strategies we give you… if you’re accepted.

I can go on and on about the unparalleled experience our coaches bring to the table…

But the reason Strategic Real Estate Coaching is widely regarded as the best in the business is because…


That’s what you should be concerned with.

After all, that’s why want coaching in the first place, isn’t it?

You want greater results from your real estate business. You want your hard work to finally pay off.

You want to finally start cashing those fat checks that lured you into this business…

Well… our coaching students are very familiar with big paydays.

In fact… during our recent Business and Lifestyle Design Contest…

Our Students Closed An Average Of 2.4 Deals…
And Profited $31,254.00… Per Month!

Those are the results they got each month. And since the contest lasted six months…

well, you do the math.

(Hint: It comes out to $187,524.00 in profit)

And yes… those are the results of our average student. Some even managed to jump over the high bar we set.

Dave Schneider from Elmhurst, Illinois profit $429,000.00.

Joel & Ann Zieve from Plainwell, Michigan raked in $255,000.00.

Joe and Tracy Bushka from Chicago crushed it to the tune of $353,000.00.

Over a dozen students went on to shatter their expectations and cross that six-figure barrier. And those who just missed that mark… still produced life-changing income.

These are real results. All completely documented.

So whether you’re just getting started…

“We closed our first deal!” ~ Preston Eisnaugle

Or you’re a seasoned pro looking to reach the next level…

“I make at least an extra $15,000 to $20,000 a month using SREC’s coaching strategies that I know I can count on every single month.” ~ Jason Medley, Tampa, Florida

Our coaching program provides you with everything you need… to get there as quickly as possible…and without any of the usual headaches.

So fill out your no-risk, no-obligation application today… and join the WINNING team.

All the best,

Josh Cantwell

Founder, Strategic Real Estate Coach

P.S. Our coaching program is the best in the business, hands down. It’s the shortcut you’ve been waiting for… the missing link to making your real estate dreams come true.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Hear it from our students themselves…

“Bought the property on Tewksbury on December 30, 2011 for $199,300, Sold on April 5, 2012 for $350,000, Put $14,315 into the property in repairs, taxes, insurance, Ipads, tv’s, etc., Paid investors at 5.5% ($12,650) for the $230,000 borrowed, Made $78,405 on the HUD plus the $16,000 left in my account that was not used for repairs for a total profit of $94,409! You tell me if Josh’s Coaching was worth it.” ~ Kyle Garifo, Chicago, Illinois

“I knew these guys were the real deal so I signed up for their coaching program.”
~ Nathan Jurewicz, Tampa, Florida

“SREC has been a big help in all of my endeavors. The support with the wealth of information and the coaching has helped me in a lot of areas. The legal side as well as the common side.” ~ Cecil Rose

“I found a house where the homeowner owed $118,000 plus two liens for another $13,000. We cleaned it out, ran our marketing plan Josh helped us build out and sold the house in a weekend. We had 57 showings and 5 offers. We sold the property for $165,000 and I walked away with $22,500 in my pocket! Boom! Thanks Derek and Josh.” ~ Pete Gorski, Dillsburg PA

“I feel it a honor to have you as my coach. Without your help these past few months, I can honestly say that I would NOT be where I am now.” ~ Christina Clark, Home Investment Solutions, Inc, Newport News, VA.

“This is a must do!” ~ Ryan Berry, North Olmsted, Ohio

“…just outstanding!” ~ Kim Link, Columbus, Ohio

“Hi Josh, I want to let you know that I put in my two weeks notice and I am quitting my job. Thanks to you and all your help, real estate business is giving me the life style I have always wanted. In two weeks I’ll be FREE FOREVER.” ~ Sabrina Kizzie, New York, New York

“We would like to thank you on letting us be part of this great group, attached you may find copy of our wire for $38,961.53 for the Deal in Fontana, Ca.Thank you.” ~Roberto Olmos, California

I make at least an extra $15,000 to $20,000 a month using SREC’s coaching strategies that I know I can count on every single month.” ~ Jason Medley, Tampa, Florida

“At SREC events I’m surrounded by people who think like I do. They are all successful!” ~ Howie Ruales, Miami, Florida

“I am retired baker from Florida.I read the 40 pages you wrote about InstantCash Infusion yesterday. This morning I went around my neighborhood and knockedat the doors with a sign FOR SALE. Your idea ofASSIGNMENTis SUPER. Out of the six sellers Iapproached, four agreed to sign for theAssignment. I told them, I will be back to gatherall the documents.” ~ Jesse DaSalla, Florida

I’m going full speed ahead with your program, learning from the ground up. I see what’s happening now.” ~Donald Candys,Ugetpaid Real Estate LLC

This is great stuff folks, bookmark this page, walk over hot coals, swim the ocean, do whatever it takes to get all Josh has to offer!We’re using these strategies and they flat-out-work!!” ~Nick Cifone

SREC’s students produce the most profitable results; have access to the most intelligent information available on the subject of short sales, and the highest quality leaders and peers in the nation.”~Stephany McFadzean, Colorado

“I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciated SREC services. The professionalism. Attitudes, support, understanding, creativity, ingenuity, energy, and most of all… passion. I feel very fortunate to be in the Platinum Coaching. I’m a very big FAN of the best organization in real estate investing.”~Joe Heffley

Before SREC I didn’t have a plan. I was just “trying” to find deals and “trying” to close them. Now each day I have a plan and a business model that helps me determine my activities. I have become more efficient and I am now making money consistently.”~Zach Kennedy

SREC has brought us a tremendous amount of new ideas from the rent-to-own programs. This is something we will be successful with this year and we love having our coach, Derek, to talk to about obstacles along the way.” ~ Joe Harris and Tracy Bushka, Chicago Ill

Having our SREC Coach in our corner has made it much easier for us to take the required actions to become successful. It is a confidence booster knowing that there is someone knowledgeable thereto answer our questions and point us in the right direction when things don’t go as planned. It is like an on-call lifeline.” ~ Israel Miller, Baltimore Maryland

“Strategic Real Estate Coach has been instrumental is providing me the right tools and the right processes to successfully complete my closings. I don’t know what I would do without the SREC coaches. They have always been there when I need them and they always give me 100% of their attention. Their coaching member’s website is packed full with an abundance of valuable information. I am probably on the website everyday and always picking up new nuggets that are beneficial to my business. I absolutely 100% know that my business will be successful with the kind of support system that I have with SREC.” ~Rita Boswell, Columbus Ohio

“With SREC there are no lies… all there is the truth. Out of all the products and coaching that’s out there, SREC is the best investment in my time and money.”~Roberto Olmos, California

We closed our first deal!” ~ Preston Eisnaugle

“The best part about working with Josh and the SREC team is that they are totally focused on what is legal and ethical, which is especially important to navigate in this changing and confusing legal climate. Much to my surprise, I actually put together a deal using their system and netted $37,200 in just under two months. Now I have some seed capital to take my real estate investing business to the next level. Thanks so much!” ~ Peggy Palms

“I must say I thought the event was quite frankly the best event I have attended in the 27 years since I bought my first investment property. Josh is certainly a credit to the industry and we need more men with his integrity and honesty. I felt his teaching style was direct and informative without all the pomp and circumstance.~Thomas Errico

“I have taken other real estate courses from other guys who sent you books and tapes and they confuse me. Josh is the best trainer and the best coach; I feel that there isCno one else in the U.S. who can compete with him!”~ Mary Marambio

“OMG. I think I have finally heard the real deal. No hype, just straight facts. I have looked at all kinds of programs, and have spent some serious dollars, only to be overwhelmed with information, no one to ever answer a question, and too complicated for even a seasoned Realtor of 28 years to figure out… This is by far the best option I have seen yet to really make some money. Thanks, and look forward to the rest of the information.” ~ Linda Hughes from Nashville, TN

“The coaching gave me the confidence to return to my investor roots. Without SREC, I would not have accomplished as much as I have done in the last six months. SREC offered me more bang for my buck than other programs.” ~ Kathy Persha

“The support that I get from SREC saves me so much time. If I have a question, I get it answered within 24 hours, and I know what I do is going to be done correctly the first time. If you want to learn how to do real estate investing the right way, SREC is the best, hands down. I’ve tried others; don’t waste your time and money. Contact SREC.” ~ Larry Amorosso, Virginia Beach, VA.

“I wanted to let you know that April was an awesome month and I owe a lot of my success to you guys. We had three closings in April and made over $45,000! We are on track to have three to four more closings in May and could make over $65,000 this month.” ~ Zach Kennedy

The Proof Is In… The Profits!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to become our next success story…


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