Good quality contractors can make or break your investment property.

That’s why finding the best possible contractor is crucial to making huge profits when flipping a house or securing equity in a rental property.

We get asked repeatedly about how we find contractors and what the best strategies are for finding reliable contractors, so to save us some time and to save you a whole lot of effort, we put them all in a simple to read and download infographic.

It’s called “14 Ways to Find Quality Contractors” and you can check it out below.


Another strategy you can use is to simply post on your social media that you are looking for a contractor.  Your friends and family are usually a good resource because they have hired contractors before or they might have a friend or family member who is a contractor.

Be sure to verify any contractor by seeing examples of their previous work and testimonials from past clients.

Using these strategies is a sure fire way to get big profits in your next investment property.

If you need to find a good deal on that next property, check out one of our other ultimate guides, The Ultimate Guide to Finding Investment Properties.  It’s jam packed with FREE strategies to get your next deal, as well as some super slick paid strategies that you can leverage in your favor.  Download “55 Simple and Powerful Strategies that Find Killer Real Estate Investments” now that you have the tools you need to find contractors.

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